b. 1986: Pittsburgh. (CV)

MFA, SUNY University at Buffalo: 2013 / BA, [Fine Art: Painting] Gordon College: 2008

Mary A. Johnson is an American artist who lives and works in Beijing.

She creates work using organic materials and digital images; reminiscent of petri dishes, forgotten refrigerators, and Flemish still lives. Her work engages the gaps between the repulsive and the seductive; the image and experience.

Of special interest to her research is the Neobaroque and the grotesque.

She is a full time Lecturer at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

Selected Bibliography:

365 Artists/ 365 Days Interview: A Frank Juarez Gallery and Grey Matter Gallery project.

Generatione Nostra est Scriptor Minas (Our Generation’s Menace) exhibition catalogue: Text by Michael Beam, Castellani Art Museum Curator of Collections.

The Viewer Experience: Text by Angelica Maier. Selected relevant pages from the catalogue published by Visual Studies graduate students at the University at Buffalo. [See the full catalogue with preface by Chair Steve Kurtz].


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