IMG_1042_2Mary A. Johnson was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the State University of New York at Buffalo (2013) and her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (concentrating in Painting) from Gordon College (2008). Currently, she is working in Beijing, China and teaches at the Central Academy of Fine Art. She makes drawings and installation/performances that engage the absurd overlays between the luscious and the decayed; the image and experience.Statement

Curriculum Vitae



Selected Bibliography:

365 Artists/ 365 Days Interview: A Frank Juarez Gallery and Grey Matter Gallery project.

Generatione Nostra est Scriptor Minas (Our Generation’s Menace) exhibition catalogue: Text by Michael Beam, Castellani Art Museum Curator of Collections.

The Viewer Experience: Text by Angelica Maier. Selected relevant pages from the catalogue published by Visual Studies graduate students at the University at Buffalo. [See the full catalogue with preface by Chair Steve Kurtz].

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